Date: 30 Mar, Friday
Time: 2pm – BR time

In this talk, Katie Lloyd Thomas and Will Thomson introduce the UK-based research of the Translating Ferro / Transforming Knowledges project which they are working on with Professor João Marcos de Almeida Lopes who leads the research team in Brazil. How is Sérgio Ferro’s work on labour, design and the building site contributing to establishing the new field of Production Studies?  How do Ferro’s concepts and their reception and development in Brazil translate to other building cultures – not only in the UK (as in Katie’s research) but also in China (as in Will’s research) but also in former Yugoslavia, India, the US and Germany – opening up, for example, questions around the global separation of design and construction, and around women in the production of the built environment. And how have we been introducing Production Studies to new audiences in the UK and developing Production Pedagogies with students at Newcastle University?